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Discover age-appropriate Montessori, Montessori-aligned and Montessori-inspired toys and activities. You can also read our Montessori Age Guides!

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We provide practical ways, tips and tricks to incorporate Montessori when raising and parenting your children.

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Best Nugget Couch Alternatives

Best Nugget Couch Alternatives

Encouraging our children’s creativity and imagination with open-ended play will help their mental, social, and emotional growth. The Nugget couch (or its alternatives) provides our

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All About Montessori Mobiles

All About Montessori Mobiles

If you’re looking at adopting the Montessori method for your newborn, Montessori baby mobiles are an easy and effective way to start. From keeping your

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Why Montessori?

Using the Montessori method at home has many benefits, for both you and your child! Here are 5 reasons we love Montessori.

1. Teaches methods and organization– everything has its place.

2. Nurtures their ability to concentrate.

3. Encourages your child to value internal motivation over extrinsic rewards.

4. Helps your child develop practical life skills.

5. Shows respect towards your child, their feelings and interests.