17 Easy DIY Montessori Toys For Toddlers Of Different Ages

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What Are Montessori Toys?

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The Montessori methods can be useful as simple toys with real-world themes are frequently found in Montessori households and classes. In addition, the toys are the greatest technique to enable your child to benefit from playing.

Because of this, parents and Montessori educators provide focused learning equipment for kids. Does it have to be store brought? DIY Montessori toys are a good option.

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Creating Diy Montessori Toys 

Homeschooling can be fun, but only if you constantly teach your kids new play and learning techniques. The foundation of the Montessori educational philosophy is that children are inherently imaginative and curious and, as a result, are already capable of picking up information concerning the world surrounding them.  

Children tend to flourish using Montessori preschool practices. But, Montessori playthings are very pricey. Hence, you may start creating your Montessori-inspired toys with a little imagination. 

By giving your child these easy DIY Montessori toys and activities, you may foster an enduring love of learning in them. Here are 17 DIY toddler toys that are affordable:

#1 Box Of Velcro Shapes

Box Of Velcro Shapes

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com

Get a box, tray, or fabric, and put Velcro. Cut the shapes out, and adhere Velcro to the back. These can be joined together to create a lovely pattern. It is one of the best DIY Montessori toys for 10-month-old as they start using their thumb and forefinger, helping them develop grasp and release movements.

#2 Cards-Within-A-Wallet

For older youngsters, this one is another entertaining pretend play. Grab an old purse and fill it with credit cards from the past or used gift cards. Children enjoy playing being shoppers and utilizing the cards from their wallets.

#3 Color Box

Color Box

Image Source: https://www.amazon.in

Cut slits in a shoe box or a carton with a lid, then color the area around the slits. Let your toddler correspond the colored coins or paper to the appropriate slit by inserting them correctly. 

#4 Creative Button Tree

This concept offers hours of entertainment using pipe cleaners and buttons. Use a bin. Just let your child make trees out of pipe cleaners and flowers out of buttons.

#5 Mailbox Insert

The idea is the same as before, but this is trickier. All you need are a few discs that should fit through into the slit in the lid of a box with a detachable lid.

#6 Peg Insert

Peg Insert

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com

Make holes in a clean food container or restaurant box and use hammering set pegs, clothes pins, or other wooden pegs to insert into it.

#7 Plastic Eggs And An Empty Container

Use plastic eggs and an empty container to create a simple game. Kids pour them out after pouring them in. You can use similar items if you don’t have any plastic eggs on hand. This is one of the most suitable DIY Montessori toys for 9-month-olds, as they can sit by themselves, crawl, and try to stand.

#8 Sensory Bag For Fish Tanks

With this clever idea, a zip-lock bag can transform into a fish tank. Place bright objects and fish cutouts inside and stick them onto a window or box. Children will enjoy shuffling objects to design their favorite aquatic environment.

#9 Sensory Board Peek-A-Boo

Sensory Board Peek-A-Boo

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com

Playing peek-a-boo is a toddler favorite. Make a board so kids can touch textures or images and see their reflections. You can place flip lids, i.e., lids that come with wipes, on top of this board after adhering to the above materials to provide that surprise element when they open. You can try it as one of the DIY Montessori toys for 8-month-old as they are yet to learn how to engage their thumb. It can be challenging for them to flip the lid.

#10 Simple Insertion Work

Using merely an item and a jar to place it in and pull it out of simplifies the process. The thing might be a wooden egg or a ball that is dropped into a pot or bowl and then taken out. You cannot find another DIY Montessori toy for a 6-month-old as best as this. They never get tired of doing this.

#11 Scoop Or Pour

Provide different size dishes or ice trays and a bowl containing foods like rice, popcorn, or raisins. Move the things around using spoons or scoops of various shapes. This can be termed one of the most engaging DIY Montessori toys for 18-month-old as they try to learn doing by themselves and are interested in pretend play.

#12 Sorting Colors

You can use materials like cloth, paper, or other things that come in a group of five primary colors. First, your toddler will need to be able to discover the hues of various objects. Then, as they become more adept at sorting, add more items or colors to the matching palette. This is one of the best DIY Montessori toys for 18-month-old as they start understanding colors.

#13 Toy Ribbon Pull

Make many holes in the lid of an empty breadcrumb container. Next, calculate the container length and cut the paper accordingly to wrap a colored piece of paper around the canister. Although you may glue construction paper on, adhesive construction paper can make your job easier. Next, add several ribbons to the container by tying a knot at the end. Continue until your toddler can pull plenty of ribbons. 

#14 Tugging Box

Make holes around the sides of a solid square box or gift box. Through the holes, thread ribbons of various colors and secure the ends with knots. 

#15 Work With Straw

This is one of the extremely simple homemade Montessori toys you can make. Pierce holes in the top of a carton or empty toilet paper roll holder, then stuff them with pipe cleaners or small straws.

#16 Zipper Board

Take a board or box and attach various sizes and colors zippers to it using adhesive. Let the kids open and close them.

#17 Straw Insert Work

This is the easiest and most convenient toy that can be made by hand. All you need is cardboard and a couple of straws. Make holes in the box and insert the straws through them.

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Final Words

You strive to get your toddler the best, sturdiest, and Montessori-compatible items that your budget will allow, such as wooden toys. Selective toy purchases should be made, focusing mostly on open-ended toys that may be manipulated in various ways and develop along with your baby’s growth phases.

 You can add a little more content to your child’s imagination through DIY Montessori toys without adding much to your budget.

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