Are Lovevery Play Kits Montessori Friendly?

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Are Lovevery Play Kits Montessori Friendly?

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Lovevery Play Kits are toy subscription boxes that align with both Montessori and Waldorf philosophies. The business has a team of leaders in child development from the medical and educational disciplines. As such, products are founded on proven theories about child development and scientific study. 

Along with each of the Play Kits, parents are given a Play Guide explaining how to play with the toys and how to introduce them to their child. This is beneficial for parents, especially busy families who are struggling to find new ways to always engage their kids. Although Lovevery’s toys are durable and largely made of wood, they are generally Montessori-inspired, as not all their pieces fully adhere to the original Montessori philosophy.

Play Kits by Lovevery

The kits are adorable and include age- and developmentally-appropriate toys for your child to encourage learning through play.

The Montessori-inspired subscription service delivers a box filled with toys and literature appropriate for your baby’s growth stage that is sent once every two to three months.

If social media posts about the stylish toys have piqued your interest, read on for my take on Lovevery’s Play Kits, which usually include a playing guide and seven to ten toys or books.

What Is a Play Guide?

It has a ton of information about your child’s developmental stage, advice on how and when to play with each toy, and research-based information on why doing so is good for your baby’s growth. These play guides are a WEALTH of information, and add huge value to the Lovevery Play Kits. 

You will adore consuming this knowledge about how a baby’s eyesight or motor abilities develop if you are a new parent and are overwhelmed with information. The guide gives you specific recommendations on how to interact with your kid in a way that makes sense for their developmental stage. Simple, easy to implement ideas!

Overview of Lovevery

The toys for infants and toddlers are of excellent quality, last well past the target age group, and can be used alone or in various Montessori-inspired activities at home.

Everything is incredibly attractive, simple to clean and arrange and entertaining for infants through toddlers.

Like many parents, you will LOVE how stylish these toys are. They’re exceptionally well-crafted; many of them are made of wood, making them sustainable, durable and designed to last. 

Additionally, they have an #aesthetic bright color scheme, you’ll love the pops of color they add throughout your home, just as much as your youngster will love engaging with them.

Additionally, having the correct toys and the right Waldorf and Montessori subscription box brought to our house at the appropriate time saves you from stress, worries, and research as a new parent!

They place a strong emphasis on giving your child experiences that are suitable for their age and stage of development. All the toys have already been picked for you and are supported by research to benefit your child at every stage of development, further simplifying the process for you.

How Montessori Are The Lovevery Play Kits?

Each Lovevery Play Kit is thoroughly reviewed, including instructions on how to make it:

#1 The Looker Play Kit – Weeks 0-8


This kit does contain some Montessori-inspired materials, most notably the high-contrast wooden book (made from sustainably harvested wood), and the black and white card sets. What I love is that the kit includes a stand for the cards, meaning you can use them for tummy time really easily!

#2 The Charmer Play Kit – Months 3-4

The Charmer Play Kit

We step-up the Montessori-alignment here, with the inclusion of some Montessori infant materials like the Wooden Rattles, the Rolling Drum and Interlocking Discs. Crinkle Paper provides a rich sensory experience for infants. While the mirror card and standing mirror may not be traditional materials, they support Montessori ideals including helping your bubba form a sense of self.  Overall, this kit is well Montessori-aligned and very suited to this developmental stage.

#3 The Senser Play Kit – Months 5-6

The Senser Play Kit

Your baby will be encouraged to sit and play with the Spinning Drum, a favorite Montessori toy that helps develops their fine motor skills and teaches them about cause and effect. Other Montessori-aligned items include the rainbow Soft Fabric Ball (made of organic cotton, of course) and the Magic Tissue Box, which is great for developing motor skills and teaching object permanence. Your youngster will have a lot of fun with the Montessori materials included in this box!

#4 The Inspector Play Kit – Months 7-8

The Inspector Play Kit

More toys for the mischievous crawling infant to explore and discover their environment the Montessori way. Of Montessori note is the Object Permanence Box, which helps develop fine and gross motor skills, while promoting hand-eye coordination. Other Montessori-aligned items include the First Puzzle and Treasure Basket (see ideas on how to use a Treasure Basket here).

#5 The Explorer Play Kit – Months 9-10

The Explorer Play Kit

The Montessori Egg and Cup are included with the Explorer Kit. Seemingly simple in its appearance, this toy is actually so essential – it helps build connections between the two hemispheres of the brain, laying the foundation of future practical life activities, such as your child dressing themselves. This is the main Montessori material included here, but the How I Feel book, is Montessori-inspired and paves the way for your child to effectively communicate their needs.

#6 The Thinker Play Kit – Months 11-12

The Thinker Play Kit

This Kit includes the Pincer Grasp Cylinder Block – a simple Montessori puzzle perfect for up to twelve months of page. This toy teaches your child to grasp objects using their thumb and forefinger, helping build fine motor skills and concentration.

A special mention goes to the cotton doll, while not Montessori-aligned, it’s a favorite in this box getting lots of attention from Lovevery fans. 

#7 The Babbler Play Kit – Months 13, 14, 15

Babbler play kit

This Kit is a Montessori gold mine! So many incredible Montessori materials are included here. The Circle Puzzle further refines pincer grasp, while introducing concepts of geometry and scale. 

My favorite part of this kit is the 3-in-1 Wooden Bank, which comes with different lids. These different lids mean this toy can be used in so many ways, including posting coins and planting, posting and picking carrots. It also includes a general posting lid with smaller inserts, designed to use household items so you can DIY different posting activities. So much flexibility while teaching spatial awareness.

Furthermore, the ball run extends on object permanence lessons established with earlier boxes. Finally, the Bunnies in a Felt Burrow aren’t a Montessori toy, but they are made of natural felt and lay the foundation for building coordination, making them Montessori-inspired.

#8 The Pioneer Play Kit – Months 16, 17, 18

The Pioneer Play Kit

A few more Montessori-friendly toys make an appearance here. Firstly, your child can build colorful towers with the Wooden Peg Board, where they’ll learn skills of sorting and stacking by color while refining fine motor skills.

Stringing beads start to tap into ideas of patterning and matching, laying important foundations for the upcoming sensitive period for writing, as well as practical life and self-care activities.

Garden puzzles, race and chase ramps, and more fantastic toys make up this list. As your toddler grows more active, these hands-on toys are great for burning that extra energy!

#9 The Realist Play Kit – Months 19, 20, 21

The Realist Play Kit

My top pick here is the Montessori Grooved Pitcher & Glass. The Montessori Method strongly encourages using real dishware instead of plastic as soon as possible. This set helps make that possible while being ergonomically designed to be easy for little ones to use. 

The lock box and geo shapes puzzle sharpen the mind, along with perfecting hand-eye coordination. The Count & Slide Ring Chute provides early lessons in counting, also preparing for upcoming sensitive periods.

As your child gets older, you’ll find there are less “traditional” Montessori materials featured by brands, however once you understand the principles, you’ll find most of this Kit’s inclusions can be used in a Montessori-aligned way.  

#10 The Companion Play Kit – Months 22, 23, 24

the Companion Play Kit
Most toys focus on fine motor skills in this kit, from buckle barrels to mosaic button boards. The Transfer Tweezers and Felt Stars provide a more age suitable transfer activity than a lot of other products on offer in the market (I often see transfer activities with too many items for this age group to use effectively). A special mention also goes to the Montessori Animal Match activity, which not only provides open-ended opportunities for imaginative play, but also allows for language lessons introducing the names of the animals (including the male, female, and baby versions) and parts of speech. Finally, the wooden puzzle is a great Montessori toy for your child to master at this age, preparing them to move onto more complex image puzzles of up to 12 pieces by age three.

The Bottom Line

From this, it’s clear that the Lovevery Play Kits integrate a range of Montessori toys within their Kits – including traditional Montessori toys like the rolling drum and interlocking discs, through to Montessori-aligned and inspired pieces like the Carrot Harvest game and Bunnies in a Felt Burrow. For any parent looking for an easy and effective way to bring Montessori toys into the home, Lovevery Play Kits provide an answer. Do Lovevery Play Kit Subscriptions merit their price? All parents agree that these play bundles are worthwhile. The cost of these educational toys keeps up even when you compare Lovevery to Amazon counterparts and other Montessori membership boxes, including KiwiCo and Monti Kids. While the initial cost may seem steep – when you really break it down, look at the cost of buying everything individually and consider the additional value added by the Play Guides, I truly think the Lovevery Kits offer a cost-effective way to expose your kid to these incredible Montessori materials. That brings us to the end of the first two years of Lovevery Play Kits. Keep an eye out for my upcoming post where I’ll go through the remaining play kits and discuss their Montessori alignment:
  • #11 The Helper Play Kit – 25, 26 and 27 Months
  • #12 The Enthusiast Play Kit – 28, 29 and 30 Months
  • #13 The Investigator Play Kit – 31, 32 and 33 Months
  • #14 The Free Spirit Play Kit – 34, 35 and 36 Months
  • #15 Observer Play Kit – 37, 38 and 39 Months
  • #16 Storyteller Play Kit – 40, 41 and 42 Months

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