Let’s Play With the Montessori Grimms Wooden Rainbow

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The Montessori Grimms Wooden Rainbow is an entertaining piece that can be used to introduce imaginative play in a Montessori classroom. With few stacking techniques and abstract touches, the rainbow stack is a perfect open-play toy.
Let’s Play With the Montessori Grimms Wooden Rainbow

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The Grimm’s Wooden Rainbow is an open-ended toy that comes in a set of eye-catching rainbow colors and does not have a specific purpose. While the popular rainbow stacker toy is a timely addition to many Montessori shelves, it does not completely align with Montessori ideals. 

The striking rainbow is often associated with the school of thought due to its manufacturing material-wood. 

Rainbow stacks are extremely versatile and can be helpful in boosting a child’s imagination and creative side. Today, we’ll learn how to use the Grimms Montessori Rainbow, along with some appropriate activity ideas.

What is A Montessori Rainbow?

The Montessori Rainbow by Grimms is the perfect rainbow stacker for encouraging open-ended play and provides countless possibilities for kids to explore. 

As Dr. Maria Montessori believed children should use all-natural materials during the learning process, the Grimm’s wooden rainbow stacker is immediately associated with Montessori. 

What is A Montessori Rainbow

Montessori approaches playtime with a realistic perspective – one that helps a child build a specific skill set. 

As the Grimms Montessori Rainbow does not have a predetermined outcome and encourages free play, children are able to showcase their creative side without the pressure and rules associated with other Montessori games. 

If you’re interested in Montessori philosophy and wish to know more in more detail, check out this article. 

How to Use A Montessori Rainbow?

A wooden rainbow stacker is a multifaceted toy that allows children to dig deep into their imaginative side. 

Since a rainbow Montessori fosters abstract thinking and creativity, younger children are able to create what they wish to play with at their own pace instead of fitting into a box. 

With the wooden rainbow stack, children can build fences and trees or build castles. 

The Grimms Wooden Rainbow comes in a stacked set of curved blocks with several color themes: original, pastel, natural, and monochrome. These rainbow stackers come in 2 sizes – the large 12-piece stacker and the 6-piece stacker, which is usually smaller (and cheaper!). 

This open-ended toy can be used to create a miniature world or stacked together to create abstract shapes. The easiest way to use a rainbow stack is by manipulating its shapes to create different things. 

Some ways to manipulate the rainbow stack are listed below: 

  • Create a 3D rainbow mountain by placing each piece in descending order. 
  • Make a rainbow tunnel by curving all the pieces to the left.
  • Use the stacked pieces with other Montessori toys to create a fictional world.

These ideas are great for parents looking to introduce open-ended play into a Montessori space. 

Importance of Open-Ended Play in Montessori

While Montessori education focuses on realistic, hands-on experiences, open-ended play provides endless possibilities during playtime. 

In the Montessori method, children can both experience and play at the same time. Although the open-ended play does not completely align with the Montessori philosophy, there are plenty of chances to introduce it naturally. 

A Montessori rainbow stacker presents abstract ideas based on concrete activities. Concrete ideas like sorting these rainbow-colored-semi circles by color can help them understand the world around them. Moreover, creating an imaginative space where they can expand their imagination elevates the learning experience in a Montessori classroom. Learning through play—whether it is practical or imaginative—is an extension of Montessori ideals. 

Some advantages of introducing open-ended play are: 

  • Allows children to explore creative spaces 
  • Provides a relaxed environment that is free from pressure 
  • Improves fine motor skills and sensory awareness 
  • Ignites the imagination 

Open-ended play can be an amazing experience for kids. Most children’s toys are made from Montessori materials, such as the Grimm’s Wooden Rainbow, which seamlessly blends concrete and abstract spaces to ignite your child’s imagination.

Some Ways to Play with A Montessori Rainbow

The Grimms large rainbow is a popular choice among many young children due to the versatility it offers. 

While other competitors like the Melissa and Doug rainbow stacker offer some flexibility with its stack size, the Grimms rainbow stacker is unbeatable in the open-play domain. Some engaging rainbow stack activity ideas are listed below. 

Explore Symmetry

According to research, open-ended play experiences are important for brain development opportunities. Exploring different shapes and symmetry through play can enhance a child’s coordination and motor skills.

Open-ended play materials allow children to make independent choices and express their creativity without the fear of making mistakes. 

Alter the symmetry to create abstract shapes. Create a vertical standing tower by arranging the semi-circles on top of each other or altering the individual pieces to create rainbow animals. 

Explore Symmetry

Use Different Stacking Techniques

Stacking rainbow pieces is a simple yet effective method that makes gameplay fun and adventurous. 

Manipulating different shapes to create stacks is an intriguing activity for children. Some stacking techniques that are popular among children include the semi-circle stack, smiley face seesaw stack, wide arch stack, vertical towers, and so much more! 

The possibilities are endless as children can create their own stacks. 

Create Art Sculptures

When a child is introduced to open play, they are able to alter the order of events to bring in bits and pieces that don’t necessarily belong in the gameplay. 

When children use their imagination to create artsy figurines or build unstructured pieces, they can immerse themselves in an imaginative world. 

Do not be afraid to mix and match other open play toys to pair with the rainbow stack.

Final Thoughts

Creating a rainbow stack is an engaging activity that not only enhances practical skills but also allows children to delve into their creative side. 

With the Montessori method, open play becomes a relaxing exercise instead of a serious practice. The Montessori Grimms Wooden Rainbow is a valuable addition to any creative space as it is sturdy, durable, and safe for children. 

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