Lovevery’s Approach to Sustainable Toys

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Lovevery Toys – Are You Concerned About The Sustainability Of The Brand?

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We’ve all started to more deeply understand and appreciate the benefits of choosing environmentally friendly and sustainable options, especially when it comes to toys and products for our littlest people. After all, practising what we preach and purchasing high-quality, long-lasting and environmentally friendly products is a great way to model making positive choices for our children. 

Toys that are enjoyable for kids and kind to the environment are exactly what we’ve got for you today, thanks to Lovevery! All their toys are created with sustainability in mind, so you can rest assured you are investing in quality pieces when you purchase from them.

So, who is Lovevery? They are an online retailer who specializes in eco-friendly, sustainable toys that encourage learning through play and fun. Each toy has been created after extensive research on how to engage, stimulate, and captivate kids in ways that are appropriate for their ages. Without damaging the environment, these enduring, robust wooden toys are the ideal companion for your children.

Let’s dive into some examples of Lovevery’s commitment to sustainability.

#1 You’ll Consume Less by Choosing Age-Friendly Toys

Lovevery was designed to meet your children’s milestone requirements. For me, this very foundation of their brand is one of their biggest benefits from a sustainability perspective. Instead of experimenting with tens of toys that your child may or may not engage with, Lovevery provides a tailored selection made from only high-quality materials that are purposefully designed to suit developmental needs, and therefore actually engage your child. 

Sustainable and Age friendly toys

They provide a thoughtful selection of toys, including their signature Play Kits, made of high-quality wood, and natural and eco-friendly materials that provide a  ton of play and enjoyment for children, as exceptional educational value. With Toy Kits meticulously designed for various age groups, Lovevery make it easy to integrate their range into your children’s daily activities by providing age-appropriate activity ideas.

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#2 They are OEKO-TEX Certified!

Skin contact, breathing, and saliva are three ways harmful textile chemicals might get into our bodies. Children, pregnant women, and the elderly are especially sensitive to chemical exposure due to their thinner skin and lesser defences. 

However, these factors aren’t an issue when you choose a Lovevery product. Lovevery are OEKO-TEX® certified! What does that mean, you ask? Well, let me explain…

OEKO-TEX®provide standards for textile products. The third-party organization considers a variety of circumstances, both regulated and unregulated, that may be detrimental to human health.

The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 frequently exceeds governmental and international standards. The OEKO-TEX® organization regularly updates the standards based on the most recent international regulatory rules about dangerous compounds. 

So in a nutshell, you can feel confident that the textiles from Lovevery that are in close contact to your bubbas have been tested to protect their health, as they are all OEKO-TEX® certified. 

#3 They Use Organic Cotton

Use Of Organic Cotton

You’ll find cotton in some of the Lovevery Play Kits, the Organic Baby Quilt and the Nap Mat. Whenever Lovevery employs, cotton it’s organic cotton. Although organic cotton is more expensive, they continue to use this to keep up their standards and dedication to the environment.

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#4 When The Use Plastic, It’s Bioplastic

Children enjoy using their hands and lips to investigate new objects, especially infants and toddlers. However, some toys on the market, particularly those made of certain plastics, are toxic. PVC and BPA-filled plastic toys are neither environmentally friendly nor healthy for your youngster.

Enter: bioplastics. Ethanol produced by renewable biomasses like corn and sugarcane is used to make bioplastics. Materials for making bioplastics can be generated again – unlike using petroleum, a limited resource, to make ordinary plastics. Using renewable materials in production has several advantages for sustainability:

  • It reduces carbon dioxide emissions when producing the material.
  • It decreases dependency on fossil fuels and air pollution.
  • It uses a waste product from sugarcane harvesting to avoid competing for food sources.

Bioplastics can be engineered to degrade, be composted, or retain their structural integrity so they can be recycled. Although I’m pretty sure you’ll pass your beautiful products on to friends and family for further enjoyment and education, Lovevery’s bioplastics can also be recycled.

Green Toy:Eco-Friendly Toy


#5 They use other Natural Materials, Including Wood

One of the key foundations of  Montessori-friendly toys is that they are made of natural materials, including metal, cotton, wool and stone – but most commonly wood. Wood is a renewable resource, it’s durable and safe. By employing natural materials in their Play Kits and products, Lovevery toys allow children to explore different textures, temperatures, and weights, which provides for sensory exploration, the key to Montessori philosophy. When they outgrow a good wooden toy, your child can play with it for years and then give it to their siblings or friends.

Toys made of natural materials are also less likely to contaminate the environment throughout their lifetime than toys manufactured of plastic. They can be disposed of sustainably and use less energy during production. #winning. 

#6 Your Youngster Will Develop With Their Toys

I’ve already established that durable toys are more environmentally friendly. The next step is to consider if your child will be able to use the toy in various ways as they age. Open-ended toys made of natural materials are a great place to start. Simply put, an open-ended toy is one that your child can use in various ways. These toys typically come with little instructions and no clear “winning conclusion.”

In terms of sustainability, open-ended toys excel because they actively engage kids and continually introduce fresh ways to play, making them enduring additions to a toybox.

Good toys push your child to the next level while meeting where they are in their development. In other words, a toy that “grows with your child” encourages different types of play as your child’s sensory, cognitive, and motor skills advance.

The Bottom Line

Playing sustainably involves more than just toys! Sustainable play includes purchasing eco-friendly toys, but you can still do many other things.

As they age, you’ll notice that they start making more environmentally friendly decisions if you can help them learn how to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives.

Toys that are safe and biodegradable should be chosen. So your best bet is to buy eco-friendly toys. Is it truly environmentally friendly? — It’s likely that you ask yourself this question frequently whenever you buy anything these days, including toys for your child. However, how can you tell if a toy is green? Hopefully this article has provided a few key points to keep top-of-mind, that will help you make sustainable toy choices.

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