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Montessori Parenting Tips
5 Steps to Potty Training your Toddler - Montessori Style

Montessori Potty Training: Larissa’s Ultimate Guide

Let’s be frank, potty training is nobody’s idea of a good time. It’s messy, it’s frustrating, and it can make you feel like you’re failing as a parent. But fear not! The Montessori approach to potty training is here to save the day, and make the whole process a little more fun and a lot less stressful. So grab your potty chair and let’s get started!

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Montessori Wardrobe 101 For Teaching Independence To Your Child

Transform Your Child’s Closet into a Montessori Wardrobe for Independence

Montessori children’s wardrobes are a truly delightful solution for parents looking to nurture independence in their little ones from a tender age. A Montessori closet for the nursery should be easily accessible, beautifully organized, and spacious. Moreover, it can be adorned in a variety of ways to create an efficient and cozy space that will support your child’s growth. Embracing this thoughtful approach to organization will not only make daily routines more enjoyable but will also encourage your child to embrace responsibility and self-reliance.In addition, it can be styled in various ways to feel more efficient and comfortable, helping your child grow.
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Creating a Montessori Nursery

Creating a Montessori Nursery

The Montessori method isn’t restricted to a classroom; it’s a way of living. If you’re a parent keen on adopting the Montessori approach at home, you can start right from the newborn phase by creating a Montessori-inspired nursery. It helps in fostering independence and supporting physical and cognitive development.

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Montessori self care station encourages independence in toddlers

How To Create a Montessori Self-Care Station?

Essentially, our children want to do what we do, including everyday self-care. By setting up Montessori self-care stations at home, we can provide them the space and access to independently complete their daily routines. Not only does this help them build their self-confidence, but it also creates independence in everyday tasks.

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