Montessori Play Kitchen

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Montessori Play Kitchen

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A miniature play kitchen is a meeting place for imagination and imitation. Miniature or Montessori kitchen settings have always been popular with children. This is where kids will have to rely on their imagination and creative thinking and learn how to use new tools.

Not only that, but kitchen sets enable your child to develop motor skills, plan execution, creation, counting, and interpersonal interaction. Children who play in miniature kitchens will learn about real-life skills, which is always a worthwhile investment.

Here are some of our fave wooden play kitchens and kitchen/food-inspired items.

Best Five Montessori Play Kitchen & Kitchen-inspired toys for Kids

#1 Tender Leaf Toys Mini Chef Home Kitchen

If you are looking for a miniature kitchen for your child, the Tender Leaf Toys Mini Chef Home Kitchen is my top pick. OMG HOW ADORABLE IS IT!


Tender Leaf Toys’ kitchen set is a terrific complement to any area and is sturdy enough to last a life time. I’ve purchased many products from Tender Leaf and can personally attest to the QUALITY you get with their products. 

You may also use this toy to teach your children how to cook a meal, do the dishes in the sink, and put the clean dishes in the included cabinet. Overall, it will teach your child all of the culinary duties.

Every aspect of a genuine kitchen may be found in this little home kitchen. The set includes a pure white kettle, two saucers and cups, a utensil holder and three utensils, a printed kitchen towel, soap, an oven tray, a sliced baguette, and an additional work surface.

The set has been made using premium and renewable rubber wood. Not just this product, all products from Tender Leaf are made of premium quality materials free of harmful chemicals. 

This is one such toy that can keep your children engaged for hours. Let your little chef treat you with perfectly sliced bread and a cup of tea brewed with love. It does not matter if it’s baking or cooking; your little chef can prepare a feast for their family. 

#2 KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen

If you wish to gift your little chef a vintage-style kitchen set, here is the Vintage Play Kitchen from KidKraft. The product is made of premium quality wood and is very durable. This is quite a big set, and it. does have a more in-depth assembly required. 

But once assembled, rest assured, your little one will have a great time playing and making dishes. This kitchen has a super authentic kitchen feeling, important to the Montessori approach. It features an oven, perfectly crafted oven knobs, a refrigerator, a freezer, storage space, and a tiny teeny microwave. Also, the knobs are fully functional, AND a sink is provided for the dishes. You can even dismantle the sink for easy cleaning. WINNING.

This set is large enough to engage 3 to 4 kids simultaneously. It is a great choice if you have a 2 to a 3-year-old kid, or more than one small person in your life (or future life plans).

#3 Tender Leaf Toys Mini Chef Home Baking Set

As with all Tender Leaf products, this home baking set is made using premium quality wood that is designed to last. It’s the wooden egg, tiny pack of butter and flour that gets me with this set. Imagine your bubba mixing them up in the baking tin to make a cake. *ultimate cuteness*

This is a great way to introduce cooking to your kid without cleaning the real kitchen. It can help a lot in keeping your kid engaged. The best part about this baking set is that you can lower, lift, and even adjust the speed of the mixer. It typically works like a real mixer. 

#4 Tender Leaf Toys Mini Chef Breakfast Toaster Set

Ok, ok. I know what you’re thinking. Is Laura obsessed with Tender Leaf toys? GUILTY. Here’s another one I just can’t go past. It’s theMini Chef Breakfast Toaster set and an awesome addition to your play kitchen to introduce your child. to  cooking activities.

Children love to play and pretend scenes. And this toaster set can help you pretend like they are cooking something up. With this set, they will be able to toast bread, put on the butter, fry an egg, and complete the meal with slices of avocado. I mean, we’re the generation who LOVES smashed avo, so why not pass that on early >.<

This set includes a fried egg, 2x bread slices, a box of butter, a butter knife, and an avocado. The little bird is the knob through which your kid can control the temperature; the bread is ready, and the handle pops up. 

#5 Tender Leaf Toys Mini Chef Fruity Smoothie Blender

Check out this Mini Chef Fruity Smoothie Blender from Tender Leaf Toys. As smoothie lovers, I can see that this set is a great way to introduce your little kid to practical life activities. 

With this smoothie-making set, your kid will learn how to prepare smoothies. Let your child play the chef card and offer you a glass of smoothie. They’ll learn to turn the dial to alter the blade speed, blend the ingredients, and then serve the smoothie in a cup. 

When you gift your kid a smoothie set, you’ll getto observe how it strengthens their emotional and motor skills. 


So, here are our five best Montessori play kitchens and wooden play food toys. Giving your children toys like this will always be a good investment, as it teaches your kid about real-life situations and promotes creatvity. Also, it will help in enhancing their thinking process and enhance their organizational habits, as well. 

Montessori-inspired kitchen toys are a great way to add flavor variety *excuse the pun* to your kid’s days, keep them engaged and enhance their practical life skills.

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