Montessori Wardrobe 101 For Teaching Independence To Your Child

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Montessori Wardrobe 101 For Teaching Independence To Your Child

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The Montessori children’s wardrobes are a fantastic way for parents who want to instill independence in their children at a young age. The wardrobe must be easily accessible, well-organized, and spacious if you’re creating a Montessori closet for the nursery. In addition, it can be styled in various ways to feel more efficient and comfortable, helping your child grow.

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What Is A Montessori Wardrobe And What Are Its Benefits?

Montessori wardrobes are toddler-sized and easily accessible by small children. They give kids a taste of autonomy and enables them to make the decision. In addition, the Montessori wardrobe replicates how elders organize and take care of the wardrobe. Hence, keeping clothing baskets and constructing small wardrobes are simple ways to encourage <ontessori organization at home in your child.

Montessori Wardrobe: What Is It?

Montessori Wardrobe

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At its most basic level, a Montessori wardrobe is a location where young children and toddlers can readily access and select the clothes they would like to wear daily. For a child’s education and growth, letting them choose their attire for the day is quite beneficial. While it may appear to be a fun morning ritual for your child, the advantages can persuade any parent to adopt this habit.

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Montessori Wardrobe Benefits

As previously noted, there are many advantages to letting your kids choose their clothes every morning. For example, a kid can receive the following advantages from a Montessori closet:

  • Mutual respect: Respecting the kid is a fundamental aspect of Montessori teaching. They allow youngsters to make decisions independently without parental supervision. 
  • The concept of the Montessori wardrobe develops respect and trust in kids. As a result, they become capable of making their daily wardrobe decisions. In addition, it helps build an interpersonal relationship and trust between parent and child.
  • Develops self-expression and pride in oneself: Feeling pride is an important part of your child’s development. A youngster who has pride in themselves is more confident than a child who does not. For example, a child who has a Montessori wardrobe feels proud of themselves, which motivates them to keep making decisions on their own. A Montessori room also provides the youngster with a creative outlet to experiment.
  • It encourages independence and responsibility: Offering the kid a sense of freedom and responsibility is another crucial aspect of a Montessori children’s room. For example, youngsters learn to express themselves when choosing the things they want to wear, which boosts their confidence in other activities.
  • Several other child’s curricula, including Montessori closets, reinforce this principle. It develops a youngster’s confidence when picking their preferred clothes and helps them become more self-reliant. As they are now tasked with organizing their respective clothes and wearing them appropriately, they also start to learn what it means to have obligations.
  • Teaches practical skills: Everybody should know how to care for themselves, and most people do. When a kid gets to clothe themselves, self-care becomes fun and motivates them to enjoy additional self-care activities like cleaning their teeth, bathing, and combing their hair. As they make it a habit to dress however they choose daily, these life lessons will linger with them.

How to Stock the Closet

Montessori Wardrobe

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Although giving the child access to their outfits seems easy enough, knowing how to fill the closet is crucial because you must choose the items carefully.

The most crucial step is stocking the closet with attire suitable for the season. This way, the parent can let the child accept boundaries without stepping in and intervening when they want to wear a swimming costume. 

A fantastic technique to get the youngster used to choose their clothes is to leave out or make a few reasonable selections available each morning. As a result, the youngster will have greater access to all four seasons of their wardrobe as they become older and better understand what to wear and when.

#1 Help Kids Develop Their Organizing Skills

Montessori Wardrobe

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Another critical aspect is sorting the various types of clothing into different bins in the wardrobe. Children can learn organizational skills as they grow by using this arrangement method.

#2 Containers And Hanging Room

The simplest Montessori-style method for keeping your child’s clothes accessible to them is to use bins and a hanging area that they can access, like a child-sized shelving unit. Each morning, the youngster can be instructed to choose one thing from each box to use that day. Kids mimic their parents, so allowing them to hang their clothes up the same way they do can be extremely exciting. However, a hanging place is not essential for a Montessori wardrobe.

#3 Clothing Options

All Montessori wardrobes are Independent wardrobes and not necessarily expensive. Instead, a Montessori wardrobe can be set up and organized in various ways, and each method offers the same learning possibilities while better suited to a particular lifestyle.

Construction on Your Own

Construction on Your Own

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Even simply setting out baskets and placing a pipe for hanging clothes at their height works fine to teach them the necessary skills. But giving their own designated space to put items of their size every morning makes learning more enjoyable. 

Additionally, it will make them eager to accept responsibility for this work. If considering a semi-DIY Montessori option, consider searching for a Montessori wardrobe Ikea hack for several interesting ideas from other parents. Building a DIY Montessori wardrobe is a highly doable and economical alternative to purchasing one from a retailer or seller.

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Purchasing From A Vendor

You can purchase one if you feel you need more leisure or the necessary abilities to make a Montessori wardrobe since there are numerous vendors. It is easy to discover these toddler-sized wardrobes on Etsy, Amazon, Montessori stores, and any furniture store. 

Even though these are frequently more costly than the former two choices, the investment may be completely worthwhile if several youngsters use them. Several parents prefer the Kallax Montessori wardrobe. Also, check out Montessori wardrobe Ikea options if you seek sleek and elegant aesthetics.


The Montessori method of child-rearing is gaining popularity. It is an educational approach that emphasizes the child’s independence and has demonstrated itself with some amazing outcomes. 

For example, allowing a child to select their clothing can help them develop independence. In addition, giving the kid their wardrobe in their size is a fun method for them to enhance their creative juices.

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